Website Security

Website security is often not a priority for a lot of businesses. Because they think their site hasn’t anything worth being hacked for.

The truth is that websites just like yours are being attacked and compromised all the time.

website security mattersThe majority of website security breaches are not to steal your data or deface your website.

But an attempt to use your server as an email relay for spam.

Or to setup a temporary web server, normally to serve files of an illegal nature.

Another surprising statistic is that Google, one of the most popular search engines in the world. Quarantines approximately 10,000 websites a day.

Is your website one of them or could it be in the future?

Have you visited a website that has been blacklisted or could you?

If you do not take care of your website security everyday you are increasing your risk of experiencing a blacklist.

How to Clean a Hacked Website

Sites are blacklisted when authorities such as Google, Bing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee Site Advisor etc., find irregularities on a website that they deduce to be malware.

Because it’s in the search engine’s best interest not to show infected results, as they don’t want to lose users due to these results putting a users computer in harm’s way. They will blacklist your site.

Malware can come in many forms. Trojan horses, phishing schemes, pharma hacks, email or information scraping. Most often, the website owner is not even aware that they have been hacked.

They try to login to their site and find it has been taken over!

Other research, shows that roughly 2 – 5% of sites have some Indicator of Compromise that signifies a website attack. Some think, this might be a bit high, so even being ultra conservative it’s about 1% of the total websites online that are being hacked or infected.

When blacklisted, a site loses nearly 95% of its organic traffic, which can quickly impact sales and revenue.

To put that into perspective, we are talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 million websites that are currently hacked or infected.

It does not matter if you are a Fortune 500 or a small business selling cupcakes if your website is attacked, it ain’t no fun! Some attacks are so severe it is better to close the site and open up another one.

In large organizations attacks come because they dropped the ball. They knew exactly what the threat was, but they never thought it would extend to their websites, with the common response being – “I thought someone else was handling it”. 

When it comes to small businesses, it is often – “Why would anyone want to hack me? I never knew it’d be an issue for me, I’m not Target, I don’t have credit card information”.

Your Website Security Is Important

Do you want the security of knowing your website is secure?

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