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Our free lead generation software is totally free for 14 days and we will never charge you a penny. The free 14 day trial is for the VIRTUAL WEBSITE ASSISTANT and any leads generated from this trial are yours to keep.

We gladly give these leads to you.

Once you have seen the benefit to your business with the leads that are generated we are pretty sure you will want to invest in the full tailor made system.

We know you’ll love it.

Just like all the other thousands of folk who are using this software!

However, this may not be for you.

We only deal with those who are serious about their online business profitability.

Also because of the demand, we can only take a certain quota of new trials every month. (We need to code for your site.)

So at times requests for free trials may be pushed back a month. We work on a first come first served basis. Because it’s fair!

Free Lead Generation For 14 Days!

free lead generation software graphicOur free lead generation service is available for every type of business.

This is not, you may get some free leads.

It is YOU WILL get high quality free leads for your business in the next 14 days.

If you’ve not seen the software working on a website and would like to do so. Click here to see how one aspect of the lead generation software works on our own website.

We know this works because we use it!

And that is why we are happy to give you a completely free ‘no obligation’ 14 day – free trial of our software!

If your business is one of the few who get no benefit from the free trial, that’s fine and hopefully we part as friends!

So lets get started with your free lead generation software set up.

Click Here To set up your free 14 day trial. Just follow our website assistant!

Be clear about what information you want from a lead? – name, email, phone no, problem etc.

Also we need to know what will you give away and the url of where your visitors can get it. – We recommend giving something away for free in exchange for the information. Something like a free consultation, free trial, free report, discount code etc. Please note:- All fields must be filled in correctly or no code will be generated!

Also, if your one of these sad people who like filling in forms with rubbish. Don’t waste your time as nothing will happen. Period. We don’t even see it!

Because this is a free trial and we have to write special code based on the information YOU send us. It cannot be changed. (Once you are a client we will rewrite and tweak code to order.) [Because of high demand please allow up to 14 days for website deployment.]

Statistics show that 98% of website visitors never engage with the website. We turn that on it’s head!

The fact is, if you have visitors to a website. The software we have developed will increase your conversions by producing high quality leads. Consequently the end goal, of this free trial, is to generate for your business new leads that will become paying customers.

Don’t worry about saying after your free lead generation software trial. That this is not for you, because we know it’s not for everyone. And sometimes we offer trials to the wrong people. (We’re not perfect!)

This amazing software and our additional services are
for those who really understand business marketing.

Those who understand the true value of a high quality lead for their business.
Those who are fighting for more business and want to win by being in front of their competitors.

Like other things in life some business are serious and some are happy to scrape by. Some want to be among the best and others don’t.

Do you want more sales leads for your business?  Then this amazing free lead generation software tool is for you. It’s easy to add to your website. We will email you or your webmaster the relevant code with instructions. And we don’t want your money or credit card details.

This revolutionary software is already helping thousands of business source more clients. And we would like to help your business do the same.

Because some website visitors feel that this is not for them. And decide not to deal with us at lead generation We would still like to give them some value for spending time on our site today. As you will see below.

Here is a way to optimize your landing page for free lead generation.

1. Create a video for your page.

65% of visitors are visual learners. Why not explain your offering in a way that speaks to the majority?

According to many studies, videos can generate leads at a rate of up to 33%. When done right, videos keep visitors engaged and can inspire them to take action. Therefore, videos don’t need to be long or complex.

2. Give a clear call to action.
Most of all, what do you want visitors to do when they visit your site?
Does your primary call to action stand out?
Clients who give a clear call to action get better results.

3. Give fewer choices

Hick’s Law states the principle that fewer choices means less confusion. And less confusion means more leads. \clients who follow our advice and limit confusion by having a single primary Call To Action. Keep their prospect pipelines full. As a result of paying attention to this law. One business decreased the options on a free trial signup page from six to one. And saw a 25% jump in their conversion rate.

To your business success!

Finally, we are happy to offer you our free lead generation software service because we know you’ll be delighted with the results!

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