Corporate Reputation Marketing Or Management For Any Business

Corporate reputation or business reputation is everything. Because it can take years to establish a good name for it to be lost in an instant. And it isn’t always the businesses fault.

It may be a disgruntled ex employee posting bad comments. Or a competitor who is leaving bad reviews about your business.

And these then begin to be seen in the search results.

This is bad for any business because even when a business is at the top of search engine results. Because the consumer will check out the online business reviews.

corporate reputationThe Deloitte Consumer Review data shows that 81% of people look at reviews before dealing with a business.

According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report, online consumer reviews are already the second most trusted source of information and messaging.

In the 18 to 44 age group 61% are more likely to trust consumer reviews over friends and family recommendation. Younger people read and source reviews.

While there is no “ideal” number of reviews, two-thirds of consumers (66%) said they read between one and 10 before making a purchase.

Consequently this means that no matter how good your website is or how compelling your offer.

Your potential customers seeks out other opinions by looking for Your online reviews.

Many a business spending a fortune on being on the first page of search engine results. Find that they are torpedoed by their online reviews or the lack of them.

Because everyone does it. They sort through customer star ratings before making a final shopping decision.  It’s a fact people stand in stores and use their smartphones to compare prices as well as look at reviews.

When they look at your reviews what do they find.

Good reviews, bad reviews or no reviews?

What is the internet saying about your business?

To find out just put your business name into Google and add reviews.

Like this – Your Business Name reviews. And see what the web shows. (If you are a local business you may have to put in your locality between business name and reviews) Your Business Name Locality reviews.

If you are seeing less than a number of 5 star reviews. You are losing money and possibly losing out to your competitors.

If you see no reviews or bad reviews. Then there is a serious problem that needs fixing.

Although reputation is an intangible concept. Research shows that a good reputation demonstrably increases business worth and provides a real competitive advantage.

Because if your business is well regarded by your customers. They will prefer to deal with you ahead of your competition. And these delighted customers/clients will influence other potential customers by word of mouth referrals.

Fix Negative Business and Corporate Reputation with Reputation Marketing!

Is your business suffering due to a poor or tarnished reputation online?

Have you found something negative or damaging about yourself or business online?

Has your online reputation been unfairly damaged. By false claims or posts online from competitors, jealous former employees or even general mischief-makers?

Is your reputation online non existent so that potential customers or clients instantly dismiss your business as mediocre?

Online Business and Corporate Reputation Management

Online business and corporate reputation management and marketing is the influencing and/or control of an individual’s or business’s reputation. As seen on the world wide web. When a prospective customer looks for a review of your business what will they find?

Did you know:-

89% of consumers trust a business which has positive online reviews.

52% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if they have positive reviews.

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Would you like to level the playing field with your competitors by highlighting your 5 star reviews.

Do you want to silence the unfair and inaccurate bad reviews surrounding your business?

Our business and corporate reputation marketing service is what you need .

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